Our ambassadors represent what BREAKER is all about, getting out there and doing what you love. We are honored to have them part of our team and can’t wait to see what they do next, especially with our bag!

Breaker Bag Travel Backpack ambassador Photographer videographer Patrick Duncan

Patrick Duncan

Breaker Bag Photographer

A sixth generation Texan, I grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas and am now based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I went to school at Western Michigan University on a baseball scholarship and planned on going as far as the sport would take me. When my baseball career was over I picked up my first GoPro for a trip to Europe and grew a passion for capturing.

After moving to Utah, I quickly fell in love with Utah’s diverse landscapes and bought my first mirrorless camera. I now travel all around to capture and share these moments. Through my photos, I hope I can inspire just one person to get outdoors and appreciate this great planet a little more!


Breaker Bag Travel Backpack ambassador Photographer videographer Talan David

Talan David

Breaker Bag Photographer/videographer “I pay bills by pressing a camera button but more importantly I’m a breakfast burrito connoisseur, aisle seat sitter, and have an unhealthily addiction to unique airbnbs.  If anyone knows a good airbnb recovery group, I’m all ears.”  


Breaker Bag Travel Backpack ambassador Photographer videographer Derek Madrigal

Derek Madrigal

Breaker Bag Photographer

Growing up, I never paid attention to the beautiful world around us. My family or myself never had the means to travel the world or travel really anywhere for that matter. Finally, in 2016, I was able to start venturing out to different parts of the world, experiencing different cultures, different architecture and different ways of life. I was hooked. I began documenting my travels through photos and ended up picking up a camera to really be able to express what I was seeing the best way I could. Since then, I have found my passion in the visual arts and put in massive amounts of time and effort to perfect my craft. I try not to follow the status quo in our society and bring forth my own style of art. The way I stay truly creative is by constantly reminding myself that “perfection is perception”. 


Breaker Bag Travel Backpack ambassador Photographer videographer Ryan Noble

Ryan Noble

Breaker Bag Photographer/videographer

The phrase “I’m just trying to be remembered,” has been my life quote. The idea is not for people to remember me specifically, but to preserve my photography. The photos that are hung up on walls or put into albums will inadvertently allow me to be remembered.

My vision for photography is merely to provide healing to those that can connect to these memories and images.

I strive to capture images that emotionally move people. Connecting someones emotions into a full circle with my work is what I challenges myself to  achieve every time I get behind the lens.