Breaker Bags

Created by two brothers and their dad that believe in challenging the status quo. Jon Paul White, lead designer and Breaker Bags founder, is highly passionate about all things design. Having battled and overcome two rounds of Leukemia at a young age he sees life a little differently and considers himself a survivor and determined to make a positive mark. Because of this deep seeded belief Breaker believes others can break their status quo and live their life’s to their fullest.

Our goal is to make products with you in mind, the inner and outer traveler the wanderer the passionate; by making products beautifully designed, secure, comfortable, and user-friendly. We make great bags to help you become your best self.

Breaker Bag Travel Backpack Founder and designer

Jon Paul White

Lead Designer, Founder

Jon Paul White has been obsessing about backpack design for the past five years. He graduated with honors with degrees in Industrial Design and Design Management at Arizona State University, he focuses on human and interaction design and has created more than a dozen backpack designs over the years. (He’s a little obsessed.) As a two-time leukemia survivor, he’s learned to value life’s many possibilities and adventures, and has worked hard to create a product that will help others find and live their own adventures.

David White

Co Partner

Dave White is the perfect combination of computer geek and outdoor adventurer. He earned a degree in English (with a minor in Hebrew) from the University of Utah, all the while earning his way in the world by mastering computer technology and design. When he’s not working at his computer, he’s toting his cameras into the backcountry and high country of Utah’s wilderness (along with many other excursions as far away as the mountains of Peru).

Jon White

Co Partner

Jon White is proud to call Jon Paul and Dave his sons. He graduated many years ago from Brigham Young University, then embarked on a career in advertising. He and his two partners, John Dahlin and Darrell Smith, founded Dahlin Smith White Advertising in 1986. For nearly 20 years, they helped lead the way in technology advertising, most notably as the ad agency that created and nurtured the Intel Inside campaign for Intel, Inc., throughout the decade of the 90’s. Now retired, he’s just happy to be in business with his second set of awesome partners.

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