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Compression Bag for Laundry
Compression Bag for Laundry

Compression Bag for Laundry

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Compression Bag is Designed to:

    • With compression straps to compress your dirty clothes to make room for new clothes or goodies you get while traveling.
    • Hang on knobs or hooks.
    • Fit in any travel bag or backpack.
    • Be breathable to air out your clothes.

The compression laundry bag was designed to fit in any travel bag or backpack. The footprint matches our Breaker One bag, which makes it sit flat at the bottom of the main compartment. We designed the laundry bag to be able to hang, to help your clothes breath, and to compress the bag when full. We added the compression feature because we all know when traveling you need to make more room for all your new goodies you get along the way. Our laundry bag helps you compress your dirties and helps make more room for the new. It will help you keep your dirty clothes separate and organized as well.

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